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Formulated by a nurse and herbalist with extra care. It’s a smooth, cruelty-free blend, rich with calendula, rooibos and other ingredients to comfort and soothe delicate skin. And while it was made to be safe for newborns, it’s good for kids of all ages.

Ready for the cherry on top of your bedtime routine? Follow bath time with a gentle massage using cruelty-free Calming Lavender Baby Lotion. Add in cooing, a rendition of Edelweiss, or some light opera — up to you and your vocal chords. But with or without lullabies, it moisturizes babies of all ages — from top to bottom, and from cheek to shining cheek. And we’ve formulated this lotion with extra care — so you can sleep easy, too.

Simply Non-Scents Baby Lotion is truly unscented and perfect for sensitive or brand-new-to-the-world skin. Earth Mama formulated this cruelty-free lotion with extra care, because so much of what goes on your baby goes in. So slather and snuggle with abandon — it’s all good.

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Calming Lavender, Simply Non-Scents, Sweet Orange