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The Spray Pal Nappy Sprayer makes cloth diapering easy!

• Simple installation, no tools or plumber required

• Adjustable spray pressure

• Easily rinse cloth diapers – less mess, less stress

The simple way to rinse cloth nappys before washing. The adjustable high-pressure spray is perfect for rinsing messy cloth nappys in the toilet. No more dunk and soak! A nappy sprayer is the perfect partner to your cloth diapering routine – less mess means less stress!

Package includes:

• Spray wand holder with clip

• 47.25” stainless steel spray hose with EPDM braided inner hose

• Solid brass T-connector

• Brass ceramic shut-off valve, allows for adjustable water flow

• Spray wand with adjustable lever

*Toilet must have a flexible supply line.

Fits most standard UK/Australian/New Zealand style toilets. The Spray Pal Nappy Sprayer also works great for potty bowl clean-up or personal hygiene. You can also use it for years to come for potty training accidents, stomach bug mishaps, or basically anything you want to pre-rinse before washing! No matter the use, always remember to turn off the diaper sprayer valve after each use!


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