Mme & Co Trainer Review

I’m so excited to be writing my first product review for The Diaper Shop! I’m a mom to two little girls, Tessa & Evie, and I’ve been cloth diapering for almost 5 years since Tessa was about 3 months old. We are nearing the end of our cloth journey with Evie as she up and decided to (mostly) potty train about 2 weeks ago. She had been expressing interest in the potty for a few months, but was going back and forth between wanting diapers or underwear with little consistency. One Sunday, I decided to take advantage of the fact that we had no plans and try her in underwear for the day save for nap and bedtime. Well, here we are 2 weeks later with no accidents! I’m sad that this means most of my diapers will be set aside for the time being but so happy for her and the feeling of success she must have. We are still using diapers at nap and bedtime so I decided to give our new Mme & Co. trainers a whirl.

I wanted to try them in a situation where I knew there was at least a chance of her wetting them. Over the years, I’ve tried quite a few cloth trainers between the two girls but this brand is new to us. If you’re new to cloth trainers check out my previous blog post exclusively about cloth trainers and how to choose one that’s right for you.

We have one pair of the Mme & Co. training pants and one of the overnight trainers. Both are super trim and feel high quality in their craftsmanship  the luxe PUL and bamboo fabric are so soft and pillowy.

I decided to try the training pants on her for her nap *hoping* for an accident and saved the overnight trainer for bedtime.

Mme & Co Trainer

The training pants have a layer of PUL and bamboo sewn in for absorbency. They’re an AIO style and aren’t intended to be used with additional inserts. They fit approximately 25-50lbs and have rise snaps so the fit is adjustable for your childs height. Theyre easily pulled down like underwear or can snap off at the hips to make for easy clean up if your child has a bowel movement in them. Evie wears size 3/4 clothing and is 29lbs so she wore them with the rise at the largest setting. I really liked the fit on her, she’s a curvy girl so we’ve noticed that other brands tend to dig into her thighs and tummy. These fit so nicely and hugged her curves but didnt leave any marks in her baby chunk. The trim fit means she can easily wear them under her pants while she naps at daycare and the lack of gaps at her legs meant that we didnt get any leaks at the underwear line. Another plus, is that there is absorbency throughout the trainer not just in the crotch area which means leaks are less likely than some other styles. Since the insert is fully built into the trainer there isn’t any bunching either.

Mme & Co Trainer

Evie has never been a particularly heavy wetter like our oldest was, but she did wet the trainer during her nap (yay!). The thing I noticed immediately when she woke up was that the trainer didnt seem wet at all. I couldnt feel any moisture through the PUL. When she took them off to try the potty, though, I noticed that it was actually wet. Her nap was about 1 hour 45 minutes and it held everything very well. I’ll admit that I wasnt sure how well it would hold up as it is SO trim but it did great! I think we will use these for naps from now on as she really likes the fact that she can pull it down to use the potty afterwards.

Mme & Co Trainer

At bedtime, we tried the overnight trainer. I’ve been lucky to only have to slightly increase Evies absorbency at night time as compared to a daytime diaper. She does nurse a bit throughout the night and has some water before bed each night so she does need absorbency for bedtime.

Mme & Co Overnight Trainer

The overnight trainer fits approximately 35-70lbs comes with a microfibre insert sewn in under a layer of bamboo as well as an additional bamboo insert which you can tuck into a pocket under the microfibre. There was ample room in the pocket should you want to add another insert to increase absorbency. I used the extra bamboo insert it came with as the plan was for Evie to wear it overnight but I didn’t add anything beyond that. This style also has rise snaps and side snaps so you can either snap it off or allow your child to pull it down like underwear. Even with the extra bamboo insert it was still super trim and easily fit under her jammies. Evie was very excited to wear this one and kept saying, “me like new diaper”!

She ended up sleeping for approximately 13 hours and woke up without any leaks! Given just how trim this trainer is I was very pleasantly surprised! It was quite saturated so we made sure to take it off right away and get her on the potty.

Mme & Co Overnight Trainer

Mme & Co Overnight Trainer

I did make sure to wash each trainer 3 times prior to using them. Generally, natural fibres need to be washed a few times before they reach full absorbency. I wouldnt recommend using them outside of the house or for nap without properly prepping them first.

Both of these trainers are great for children who want the trim feel of underwear but need some extra absorbency. If your child sometimes still has bowel movements in their diaper/underwear they’re a great option as the side snaps make for easy clean up. They were easily pulled up and down by my 2 year old so they’Mme re great for children who like this independence. Finally, one of the best things about these is the price point – $9.99 for the training pants and $15.99 for the overnight trainer! I also like that Mme & Co. is a Canadian owned brand (located in Quebec).

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