Potty Training


Potty Training. Because I didn’t feel like I had enough going on this time of year, I’ve decided to start potty training Bubs. He’s 21 months and has been showing signs of being ready for awhile. (Although in some places I’ve read that it doesn’t matter if they’re showing signs or not.) I’m no expert, I just felt that since I was saying things like “you tell Mama when you’re all done and we’ll change you”, that maybe it was time to try potty training.

Having never potty trained before I was completely unprepared for the challenge. I know there are lots of books out there on how to potty train, but since I have friends and family who have done this before I just took bits and pieces of their advice and went for it! Since Mr. DiaperShop is home between Christmas and New Year I thought it would be a good time to start. You know, to have some extra support.

I knew it would be work. I knew there would be tears. But I did not expect it to be tiring. I mean, exhausting. Not for Bubs so much, but for me! I fell asleep on the floor while he sat on the throne yesterday. I woke up to him kicking me. Actually. And then I went to bed at 9:30pm yesterday. Every fifteen minutes I put him back on, and then we sit there and read books, or watch tv, or play with little cars. It is tedious. It also doesn’t leave much time to get other things done.

My friend tells me that the second day is a little less terrible than the first. So I’m holding onto that in hopes that today will be a good day with less accidents. To Bubs’ credit he hasn’t had a dirty accident, just wet ones. I’m hoping that by the end of tomorrow h will have this down pat.

On a side note, I’m loving his Bummis potty pants. With the waterproof outer layer I’m not afraid to let him play on my carpet, or sit on the couch. It also helps prevent leaks when Bubs maxes out the absorbent layers. Plus they come in super cute prints.

Training pants, potty training

Time for another trip to the bathroom with the little one. I wonder if I can add potty training to my resume…

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