Where Do I Put The Dirty Diapers??

Where do I put the dirty diapers?

I hadn’t considered that. I had registered for a small wet bag for when we were out and about, but I hadn’t thought about where I would store diapers at home. My sister-in-law was kind enough to pass on some diaper pails from their cloth diapering days. In the beginning, the pails worked perfectly set up beside our changing station. Since Bubs was exclusively breastfed every diaper just went directly into the pail.

As Bubs became older I ran in to some issues with my dirty diaper storage. The first problem was trying to figure out how to keep Bubs away from the pails as he became mobile. The second problem was that I now had to clean the dirty diapers since Bubs had started eating solids. Cleaning the diapers wasn’t really the problem, especially with the help of a diaper sprayer and shield. The real difficulty was that I wasn’t sure how to transfer the diapers from the bathroom back to Bubs’ bedroom without some drips (ewww) along the way. Unfortunately our bathroom does not have the floor space to accommodate the pails.

A mobile baby, dripping diapers and no real estate left in the bathroom. What was a cloth diapering mama to do?

Spray Pal Sprayer and Shield

This mama decided to invest in more wet bags. We always keep a small wet bag in our diaper bag, why not use them at home too? I bought a larger wet bag to use in the bathroom and a medium wet bag to hang beside the change station. It’s been a great solution. The diapers are off of the floor and out of reach of little hands, and dirty dripping diapers no longer need to be transferred from one room to another. When I need to clean a diaper I set the wet bag beside the toilet, spray the diaper and place it right inside the bag. No mess!

I’ve found an added bonus to using wet bags over diaper pails; wet bags aren’t as big and hard to carry. The handles on the wet bags make it easy to gather the bags in one hand while I carry Bubs on the other arm and go downstairs to do laundry. No more lugging pails up and down stairs!

How do you store your dirty diapers?

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