Deciphering Cloth Diaper Lingo

So you’ve decided that you’re going to use cloth diapers. You start to read blogs and reviews about different brands and systems. But what is with all these crazy terms they’re using? I am here to help you out! It can be overwhelming in the beginning, but soon it will become familiar lingo. In my post Diaper Systems Explained I explained different diaper systems and how they worked. Today I’ll try to explain terms and short forms that the cloth diapering world uses regularly on blogs, websites, forums and reviews.

So let’s begin.

AIO– An AIO or All-In-One is a diaper that is all in one piece. There is no folding or stuffing involved.

AI2– An AI2 or All-In-Two is a diaper that has a waterproof outer layer and an absorbent insert that snaps into place. The insert can be removed and replaced, or if dirty you replace both insert and cover.

Aplix– A diaper closure like velcro. Also referred to as hook & loop.

Booster-an insert added to a diaper to increase absorbency.

CD– cloth diaper

Cloth Wipes– A small, square or rectangle piece of material used to wipe baby’s bum. You can purchase, make your own or use extra wash cloths you have lying around.

Cloth Wipe Solution– A homemade or purchased solution to use with cloth wipes.

Diaper Cover– A waterproof cover used over a fitted, flat or prefold diaper.

Diaper Sprayer– A hose with a nozzle that attaches to your toilet to clean off dirty diapers easily.

Diaper Sprayer Shield– Clip the dirty diaper into the shield before spraying. Protects yourself and your bathroom from dirty diaper spray while using the diaper sprayer.

Doubler– An insert added to a diaper to increase absorbency.

EBF–  short for exclusively breastfed

Fluff– refers to cloth diapers. For example, “I got fluff mail today”.

Hook & Loop– A diaper closure like velcro. Also referred to as aplix.

Insert– The absorbent part of a diaper that can be inserted into a pocket cover, or laid on top of a diaper cover. They come in different sizes and materials. Some need to be folded.

Liner– Lays on top of a diaper. It may be used to create a stay-dry layer to keep baby’s bum dry. Can also create a barrier to protect the diaper from un-safe diaper creams. Or it can be a flushable liner that makes cleaning dirty diapers easier.

MF– Microfibre. A material often used for diaper inserts.

OS– stands for “one size“. One size diapers typically fit babies from 8-35lbs. They use snaps on the rise of the diaper to change sizes. You can buy OS all-in-ones, pocket diapers and covers.

PUL– Stands for polyurethane laminate. This is a waterproof material used to make diaper covers.

Sized Diaper– Diapers that come in different sizes (ex. small, medium, large, x-large). Sizes fit a smaller weight range than a OS diaper. Sized diapers tend to have a better fit on baby, but need to be replaced when outgrown.

Snappi– An alternative to using pins to close a flat or prefold diaper. Made from a stretchy material in the shape of a “T”, there are hooks on each end to fasten the diaper and keep it in place.

Stash– A collection of diapers.

Stripping– A process to rid cloth diapers of any build up (from ammonia, creams etc). Stripping is hard on diapers so should only be done when necessary. With good care and a proper wash routine you should not need to strip your diapers.

TPU– stands for thermoplastic polyurethane. A waterproof material used to make the outer waterproof layer of a diaper or diaper cover.

This is by no means an exhaustive list of cloth diapering terms and short forms but it’s a good start. If you have any more questions about something you’ve read let us know and we’ll help you figure it out!

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