Cloth Diapering on an Overnight Trip

A few weeks ago I admitted to you that I had never used cloth diapers on an overnight trip. I’m not sure why using cloth on an overnight trip intimidated me. Maybe because it involves more packing. Which also means there’s more to forget. I decided that I should try using cloth on an overnight trip at least once. That way I would have some insight for others who want to try. I just had to wait for a night away to present itself.

The perfect opportunity came up when my mother-in-law invited us for a family sleepover at their home on Christmas Day. It was a great opportunity because we were in a familiar home, and we would be staying in one place. Meaning I could pack extra bags of necessities without worrying about how I would carry it all.

Packing wasn’t that much more difficult with cloth. I made sure I had enough diapers for 2 days, plus a nighttime diaper. I packed 2 wet bags. One large wet bag for the majority of the dirty diapers, and one small wet bag for the family gathering we were heading to the next day. I invested in biodegradable, flushable liners so that cleaning up dirty diapers was simple. I packed most of the diapers into their own bag, and a few into the diaper bag.

bio-soft liner

While I was packing up the diapers, I decided that I would take my challenge one step farther and only use cloth wipes. I’ve been using cloth wipes for about a year now, but had never used them out of the house. I chose to pack up the wipes that I had already folded and were in a container with my homemade solution. I also packed some dry wipes and included a small squirt bottle of water to wet the dry wipes with.

I’m not sure why I was afraid. Using cloth diapers overnight away from home was actually really easy. Sure there was more to pack up, and more things to forget. But it was really no different than using cloth when you’re out of the house for a day. Even using cloth wipes didn’t make it more difficult. In fact, I was really happy I chose to bring my wipes along.

I will admit that I packed a couple disposable diapers and a pack of disposable wipes. Just in case. But I didn’t use them.

Do you have any tips for packing cloth diapers for a trip?

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