I’m Emily. I’m a mom. I’m actually a lot of other things too, but lately I am mostly a mom. And that’s cool, because I love being Bubs’ mom. I love that when he’s happy or mad, excited, or sad, I’m his go to person. I’m not a huge fan of him hogging my side of the bed, but one day I’m sure I’ll miss that, so I try to enjoy it.

I had high expectations of becoming a mom. I really thought it would fulfil me, that it was my calling in life. I still think it’s my calling, just not all of it. I was created to be more than Bubs’ mom. When God was molding me he gave me skills and talents that He wants me to use. How I was going to use them was still up for debate. But I was really feeling like I needed more.

My Husband and I

I knew I didn’t want to go back to work full time. I tried volunteering. What I needed was a project. So I created one. A big one. I decided to start a business. I never ever considered myself an entrepreneur. I’m really good at following instructions, but I’m not so great at going above and beyond instructions. I like to play it safe.

Lucky for me, I’m married to an entrepreneur who loves to take risks.

I thought for sure he would tell me my idea was crazy. I was positive it would go no farther than a short conversation. But it did go farther. A lot farther. So far, in fact, I now have a website and a bunch of diapers to sell! Sometimes it is so overwhelming to think of the work involved and that it all depends on me. Then I look over to see who my partner is and know we’ve got this! I am forever grateful for his support and belief in me.

So begins a new chapter. I’m excited to see what there is in store for The Diaper Shop. I pray it’s mostly a positive journey, but know that there will be bumps along the way. The bumps are where you learn the most though, right? So bring it on!

Welcome to The Diaper Shop, how can I help you?

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