Prefolds can seem intimidating. How do you origami this piece of material into a diaper? But once you get the hang of it, they are actually a really practical way to diaper. It even became one of my favourite diapering systems.

Although prefolds do have a learning curve, they are not as intimidating as they may seem at first. There are some really simple ways to fold a prefold diaper and today I am going to show you how. A prefold has three sections made up of multiple layers of material. The two outside sections have fewer layers, while the middle section has the most layers for good absorption. They come in different sizes to fit from newborn to potty training.


Pad Fold

The first and easiest method is called a pad fold. Essentially you fold your rectangle prefold into thirds and then lay it into a waterproof cover. You don’t need anything to hold the prefold in place. This is the fold I used the most with Bubs. Even when he started walking, the prefold stayed in place. You can fold the prefold lengthwise or widthwise depending on the length you need. Once folded, you simply lay it in a waterproof cover and place it on baby.


Angel Fold

Another simple fold is the angel fold. Essentially it looks like a pad fold, but you fan the back of the prefold out. You can use a snappi to secure it in place, but I usually just laid it in the cover like the pad fold. The angel fold gives you a bit more coverage in the back which is nice to try and catch more poop.

If the prefold is longer than you need, you can fold it down in the front before you start your fold. This gives you extra absorbency in the front- which is awesome for little boys. Or you can fold it down in the back if you prefer.

Jelly Roll

If you’re looking for a fold that will contain the poop in the prefold, a good option is a jelly roll. With a prefold laying flat roll the long sides towards the centre and on a slight angle so the back is flat, but the front is rolled up. Then pull up the front, fold the back corners over top and snappi into place.

You are definitely not limited to these three folds, but these are the ones I found I used the most and thought I would share with you. Do you have a favourite fold?

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